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New Tattoo
For Christmas I got Cass a gift card to a tattoo place near our house. This place was where she had gone to get Astrid's name added to her Texas Bird last time brother Mark was in town.

This time around, with an even better artist, she got Jolie's name on the opposite arm.

Here's the evidence!...full story
Jeff's Surprise Birthday 2009
Richard and Jeff celebrate 1942Well my birthday rolled around as it usually does on 9/23. This time was minor milestone 45. No matter how many times I hear "but you don't look 45", please remember:

a) I never tire of hearing that
b) it still doesn't make me feel any better about getting older

Anyway, Cass threw a surprise party at the house with special guests of honor Richard and Jen who drove up from Austin.

Danny...full story
Astrid Liv
New pics
school pic 3...full story
Jolie Triston
New Pics
Jolie likes to roll it Tennessee style every now and then!...full story
Family & Friends
Waco Zoo with the Cardonas!
The Cardonas and AstridSo in late May we journeyed to Waco to the Waco Zoo. Since Waco is the halfway point between Austin and Dallas, it was a natural place to meet with Cass's brother Dave and family (Shannon, India and Ramone).

It turns out the weather was beautiful and the zoo itself was much better than the Dallas zoo (who knew?)

Anyway, naturally a few pics were snapped and a great time was had by all....full story
Campbell family group pictures
New pics
...full story
Disneyworld 2010
...full story
Astrid turns two!
Astrid's 2nd birthday was February 15th, 2009 and this year Cass went all out. Well we kind of did last year too, even having 2 different parties in 2 different cities, but this year Astrid was old enough to understand and appreciate it.

The theme: Wow Wow Wubzy. If you don't have kids, its more than OK to have no idea what that is.

The place: our house

The guests: Astrid's GoGo, Pops a...full story
Our Wedding Day!
May I have this dance?On Friday, August 11th, 2006, we got married, at about 6:30pm.

The ceremony took place at our house in Austin, in our backyard. We had about 39 folks present, and we had a blast!

Jimmy Mitchell ( ) played bagpipes during the ceremony, Judge Jan Breland ( ) presided over the affair (and happily nipped into Richard's flask o...full story

Halloween 2010
...full story
Welcome to Jeff and Cassandra
Howdy! Check out our self-indulgent family website!

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